UPC subscribers can link up to four decoders to a subscription

As of this week, UPC subscribers can purchase a maximum of four decoders per subscription, provided they have a Horizon box. UPC has confirmed this. Users of the ‘normal’ media box can have a maximum of two decoders in their house.

Owners of a Horizon Box can purchase two additional Horizon Extra boxes, UPC confirms after reporting from TotaalTV. Together with a CI+ module or an ‘old-fashioned’ media box, the maximum number of televisions that can be used is four.

The Horizon Extra Mediabox was announced earlier this week and connects to its ‘big brother’ via utp, coax or wifi to stream TV programs. Subscribers have to pay five euros extra per month for each mini-Horizon box.

If you still have an old media box, you can order fewer extra set-top boxes. In that case, only one additional media box or CI+ plug-in module can be purchased.