‘Unreal Engine 5 Experience’ Poster The Matrix Awakens Appears In PSN Backend

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The poster of an application called The Matrix Awakens has been found in the backend of PlayStation Network. According to the information, it is a PlayStation 5 title and must run on Unreal Engine 5.

A Reddit user reports to have found a poster of the PlayStation 5 application in the PSN backend. It states that The Matrix Awakens is “an Unreal Engine 5” experience. More information has not been announced. It is therefore possible that this is not a game, but only a video that runs on the Unreal 5 engine, or an interactive experience.

The Twitter account PlayStation Game Size confirms existence of the application. This account will notify you whenever app IDs appear in PSN. A new Matrix movie called Resurrections will hit theaters at the end of this month. Whether The Matrix Awakens has anything to do with this is unknown.

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