Unisoc presents 5g soc made at 6nm with euv

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Chinese chip designer Unisoc has announced its Tiger T7520 soc. The chip has a built-in 5G modem with support for sub-6GHz frequencies. The octacore has four ARM Cortex-A76 cores, four Cortex-A55 cores and a Mali-G57 GPU.

According to Unisoc, the T7520 soc can handle 2g to 5g networks and the maximum speed is 3.25Gbit/s. The company has the soc produced on a 6nm process with euv. It is not known at which chip manufacturer this happens. Both TSMC and Samsung have a 6nm EUV process.

The T7520-soc also contains an npu for AI calculations and, according to the maker, the chip can process images from 100-megapixel cameras. The soc also supports screens with a refresh rate of 120Hz and it is possible to display 4k resolutions with HDR10+. Unisoc provides the T7520 with a secure element for security.

It is not yet known which devices the new soc will end up in. The T7520 is the company’s second 5G soc. The Tiger T7510 was previously announced. It is made at 12nm and will end up in the Hisense F50 5G smartphone for the Chinese market.

Until now, Unisoc’s SOCs mainly found their way to smartphones for the Asian market, but Archos released a number of budget models with Unisoc SOCs in Europe last year. Unisoc is part of the Chinese Tsinghua Unigroup, a large chip company in which the Chinese state has a majority stake and invests a lot of money.

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