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Software update: UniFi 5.11.50

Ubiquiti Networks has released a stable version of UniFi, with 5.11.50 as the version number. This is a network management controller with which a network environment based on UniFi hardware can be managed. For example, setting up access points, routers, and switches in order to achieve an optimal, uniform network. You can also set up a hotspot portal and integrate it with various payment providers, such as Authorize and PayPal. For user experiences, you can go to Gathering as well as to the Ubiquiti forum. You can try a demo on this page. The announcement of version 5.11.50 looks like this:

Important notes
This is the last planned stable release for the UniFi Network controller 5.11 release branch. We’re moving forward with UniFi Network controller 5.12 as there is unreleased hardware which depends on the newer branch.

Update OUI table.
Bug fixes
Fix authentication failure tracking.
Fix invalid switch satisfaction scores.

Version number: 5.11.50

Release Status: Final

Operating systems: Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016

WebsiteUbiquiti Networks


License typeFreeware

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