UK music industry opposes legalization of CD and DVD ripping

The music industry in the UK will not accept the government’s decision to give citizens the right to make copies of legally obtained music on CDs and DVDs. The parties involved believe that there should be a fair compensation for this.

A number of British music industry advocacy groups speak in a joint statement about bad legislation. Copying legally purchased music onto CDs or DVDs for free would harm musicians and composers. The parties involved want to enforce compensation for the rightholders under a flag. The aim would be not so much to change the law, but to make clear that the music industry has been damaged by the decision of the British government, the Financial Times reports. In a next step, compensation should be enforced.

Consumers have been ripping music for years for use on, for example, PCs or their mobile phones, but in the past this was still illegal under UK law. However, the UK music industry believes the government has made a serious mistake by legalizing music ripping, saying the law should guarantee musicians and composers fair compensation for their work.

The digital age has presented many opportunities for the music industry, but on the other hand, it would have become more difficult to keep afloat. The income must be distributed over more areas than in the past, which is why every source of income is important, according to the interest groups.

However, the statements contradict a European study published last year. It stated that, for example, piracy does not have a substantial negative impact on the revenues of the music industry.