Ubuntu 23.04 with new installer and Azure Active Directory authentication is out

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Ubuntu 23.04 is out. The new version of the operating system, Lunar Lobster, works with Linux kernel 6.2 and includes a new installer based on Flutter. It is also possible to log in via Azure Active Directory.

One of the biggest changes is the new installer. It still uses Subiquity, but the UI has been rewritten in Flutter. That makes the installer more suitable for rolling out the OS to large network environments, says Canonical. It is also possible for the first time to authenticate as a user via Azure’s Active Directory, and Steam is now available as a snap package in the stable channel.

The beta of Ubuntu 23.03 has been available since last month. Ubuntu can be used not only with the Unity desktop environment, but also with Cinnamon. By default, the OS comes with Gnome 44.

The supplied packages for Python, Java, Go, C, C++, Rust and .Net have been updated to their latest versions. In addition, QEMU has been modified to allow programmers to emulate armhf, arm64, Risc-V, and s390x environments.

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