Ubuntu 22.04 LTS arrives with Gnome 42 and better Raspberry Pi compatibility

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Canonical has released Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. This new OS version includes version 42 of the Gnome desktop environment. Also, Raspberry Pi models with 2GB memory are officially supported and Wayland is used by default.

Ubuntu 22.04 is codenamed Jammy Jellyfish and is an LTS release. This means that this version of the operating system will be provided with security updates and support for five years, until 2027. Canonical releases such LTS versions every two years. The previous LTS build was 20.04 LTS, which will be supported until 2025. Users can download the OS through the Ubuntu websiteor upgrade their existing Ubuntu installation.

Version 22.04 brings several new features compared to previous releases. For example, Wayland is now the default display server again, instead of Xorg. At the time of release, this does not yet apply to systems with an Nvidia video card, due to known bugs and problems. Users can still opt for Xorg by selecting this display server when logging in.

The new OS also gets better compatibility for Raspberry Pis by default. From now on, 2GB models of those single-board computers are supported by default. Canonical previously shared details on how that was achieved. Users were able to enable this support before by changing certain zswap settings, but as of Ubuntu 22.04 this is the default.

Furthermore, Ubuntu 22.04 largely ships with version 42 of the Gnome desktop. However, certain parts of GNOME are delivered as version 41, because the team was not yet able to sufficiently test the new variants.

Users can choose new accent colors for the OS, among other things, and users will now also have the option to make the dock smaller. Previously, that standard extended the full length or width of a screen. The OS also comes standard with newer versions of certain applications, such as Firefox 99, Thunderbird 91, and Libreoffice 7.3. Firefox will now also be delivered as a Snap package. Users can still install the deb version manually.

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