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Ubisoft’s Chief Creative Officer and two other leaders are stepping down

At the French Ubisoft, the chief creative officer, the global head of hr and the managing director of Canadian studios have left immediately. The first of those three, Serge Hascoët, has been described as ‘the man in charge of all Ubisoft games’.

The three leave in response to “recent allegations and allegations of misconduct,” Ubisoft said. The HR leader in question is Cécile Cornet and the head of Canadian studios is Yannis Mallat. HR’s Cornet is only said to step out of her role, but not emphatically that she leaves the company. The other two do.

In the meantime, Yves Guillemot, CEO and co-founder of Ubisoft, will take over from Hascoët as chief creative officer. “During this time, Mr. Guillemot will personally overhaul the way the creative teams work together.” The publisher further states that the company “has failed to fulfill its obligation to create a safe and open workplace for its employees.” In closing, Guillemot states that he expects the leaders within the company to manage their teams “extremely respectfully”.

Ubisoft does not go into detail about the allegations. However, Ars Technica has collected and summarized reporting from multiple sources. It talks about many cases of sexual harassment against female colleagues.

Jason Schreier, a longtime Kotaku reporter and now for Bloomberg, states on Twitter that he spoke to ‘tig’ current and former Ubisoft employees for this story and comes up with a story ‘in the near future.’ Late last month two leaders were inactive put following similar allegations. It is unknown whether Ubi-CEO Guillemot was aware of these practices before the allegations were made.

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