Ubisoft to announce details of new Assassin’s Creed on Tuesday

Ubisoft announced on Thursday that it will be showcasing the new Assassin’s Creed at a special event next week. Presumably it concerns ‘Victory’, the existence of which has already been confirmed by the publisher. The game would be called ‘Syndicate’.

On its website and via Twitter, Ubisoft announced Thursday evening that it will present the new Assassin’s Creed during an event next Tuesday. The meeting starts at 6 p.m. More is not clear yet, although on a separate website some weapons can be seen, including a brass knuckle.

The publisher does not say which game it is exactly, but it is presumably ‘Victory’. That is the next game in the Assassin’s Creed series, which is scheduled for this year. Victory, which is still the code name, is set in Victorian London. Ubisoft previously confirmed the game’s existence. According to games website Kotaku, the publisher is likely to rename the game to “Syndicate.”

Previously leaked video would show, among other things, that the main character has a ‘grappling hook’, with which he can move vertically. In addition, the images show how the assassin fights on a moving vehicle. Also in the audiovisual field, Victory should provide another step forward. The Victory project is led by Ubisoft Quebec, which has taken over from Ubisoft Montréal.