Ubisoft removes counterfeit GoldenEye 007 maps in Far Cry 5 after takedown request

The GoldenEye 007 levels that modder Krollywood recreated in Far Cry 5 for 2.5 years have been removed by Ubisoft. The publisher received a takedown request from film company MGM. Krollywood may want to put the maps back online at a later date.

Krollywood writes on YouTube that the levels have been removed by Ubisoft. MGM allegedly sent an email to Ubisoft, including the names of levels and who made them. Ubisoft would then have these levels offline. He suspects that the levels have only now been taken offline, because several international media wrote about the levels.

In the comments, he says he first doubts whether he can re-release the maps, because he was afraid that he would get into trouble. On Reddit, however, he indicates that he wants to re-release the levels ‘as soon as possible’, with ‘minor’ changes in the name. Krollywood still has local copies of the maps.

Ubisoft confirms to Kotaku that it has taken the levels offline after a copyright infringement claim. The publisher provides no further details on who filed that claim, saying the matter is now between the rights holders and the mud.

Earlier this month, it was announced that after 1,400 hours of work, Krollywood had recreated all of the Nintendo 64 game’s maps in Far Cry 5. These levels were fully playable and downloadable by others within the Arcade game mode.