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Twitter wants to display conversations in a tree structure and add emojis

Twitter is working on a different way to display conversations on the platform. They would be designed more like a tree , similar to how, for example, Reddit now displays threads. Twitter also wants to use emojis as a response option.

A test version of such tree threads appeared in the Twitter app for iOS, an official beta test app for the iPhone in which Twitter more often tries out new functions. In the meantime, some users also get to see the threads in the web version of the platform. That appears from a screenshot of Jane Manchun Wong . they are more likely to find early functions of new social media platforms. In the screenshot you can see how responses to a tweet are no longer aligned, but shift like a tree. Gray lines also show which tweets are a response to other tweets.

Twitter would also work on a way to add emojis to responses to tweets. When a user makes a quote tweet or makes a comment, he automatically receives a suggestion for a certain emoji. For example, if someone chooses a negative emoji, Twitter asks if the user wants to explain why he disagrees with a message. A Twitter product manager describes the changes to Buzzfeed. The experiment with the emojis should start within two weeks.

With the new display, Twitter hopes to bring order to the platform’s often seen as confusing UX. The service is often criticized because the platform would be too complicated for new users. They would be less able to understand the difference between responses, quote tweets, likes and retweets. With the emojis, Twitter hopes that users will think better before they respond. “We have serious plans to change how conversations run on Twitter,” the product manager told Buzzfeed.

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