Twitter account of Flemish Prime Minister Jan Jambon seems to have been hacked

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The Twitter account of the Flemish Prime Minister Jan Jambon appears to have been hacked. The account has been posting striking messages since Wednesday afternoon, and although a spokesperson indicates that he will file a report, those messages can still be read on Thursday morning.

on the Twitter account of Jan Jambon There are several striking messages from N-VA that do not seem to come from the Prime Minister. For example, the account incorrectly tweeted that the corona ticket Covid Safe Ticket will be abolished. The account also tweets about fake news and anti-democratic retweets can be seen. The first fake message from the account already seems to have been sent around 3.50 pm† The messages can still be viewed on Thursday morning.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister acknowledges to De Morgen that the account has indeed been hacked. “The necessary steps have been taken” to resolve that, but what that means is not clear. The Prime Minister will also file a report with the police.

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