Twitch Partners can now also stream on other platforms

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Twitch has made an update to its Twitch Partners policy. Streamers under this program are now also allowed to stream on other platforms such as YouTube Gaming or Facebook. Simultaneous streaming on similar platforms will not be allowed for the time being.

on a Twitch FAQ page the company says that Twitch Partners may create live content for other platforms, advertise live streams on other platforms and immediately switch to a stream on a platform of their choice right after their stream on Twitch. Simultaneous streaming is only allowed if so-called shortform mobile apps such as TikTok or Instagram Live are used. Simultaneous streaming on services such as YouTube Gaming or Instagram is therefore not possible.

Twitch says it is introducing this measure because streaming simultaneously on two platforms can hinder the quality of a live stream. It is not clear whether the company will review this measure at a later date.

Through the Twitch Partner Program it is possible for streamers to sell subscriptions to their Twitch channels, sell virtual items and generate advertising revenue. Twitch Partners also receive additional benefits such as their own chat badges and custom emoticons.

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