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Tweakers Podcast # 29 – Space tourism, bird watching and expensive Android apps

This week, the discussion largely revolves around space travel. Next year promises to be an exciting year for human spaceflight. No longer will we be dependent on the Russian Soyuz capsule and anyone who wants to go into space will even be able to choose from various companies.

Elon Musk is making good progress with SpaceX. But Boeing is also working on a new space capsule, under the name Starliner. In addition, Virgin Galactic by Richard Branson and Blue Origin from Amazon’s boss Jeff Bezos are working hard to make the first manned test flights in 2019. We discuss the different projects and the technical differences. We also make a round of the discussion table to see which of us would dare to go into space.

Furthermore, we talk about Google’s reaction to complaints from the European Commission, so manufacturers probably have to reach dozens of euros to Google’s apps on phones to put and we discuss Joris’ new love for bird watching.

00:20 Opening
01:58 Red Dead Redemption 2
05:35 Bird Pots
09:16 Money for Android apps
18:21 Half Life 3 confirmed?
21:34 Four new companies go into space
30:35 In what ways can you get people into space?
35:13 With a group of artists around the moon
36:09 Who dares to go into space?
45:35 The heavy journey to Mars
47:38 A space rocket as a replacement for the plane
49:48 Sneakpeek
50:57 Come and say hi to Tweakers Gaming Live


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