Trump’s baby balloon in London crosses the internet

Donald Trump is not winning any popularity prizes, we all know. In London, however, they can shoot him completely. In any case, there were more than enough people to put a few thousand pounds together to have a six-foot balloon made by Trump as a baby in a diaper, especially for Trump’s visit to the British capital. He flew around London while the president was there to protest against, among other things, his immigration policy.

Of course Trump was not happy with it: the president who jokingly can not talk about him for as long as he reported that he felt “unwelcome” in London before the visit started and he reported that he was that way had no reason to go to the city. He is there anyway, though he spends most of his time outside the city. However, the protest is aimed at hitting the president where it hurts: on the personal level. “Trump loves personal insults, so we have dropped to his level with this protest.”

So far it seems to be a great success. Although: the balloon itself is described by many people as “smaller than I thought.” That could have been done on purpose, but presumably there was just not enough money (or permission) to fly a bigger balloon. Anyway, the goal is achieved: everyone is working on it, much more than with the visit of Trump himself. The mayor of London is being blamed for allowing all of this, because it would be a shame that a head of state would be insulted.

Mayor Sadiq Khan (a Muslim) thinks it is exaggerated. Protest with humor is in the British nature and Trump must just get over it. In general, Trump can not count on a warm welcome, because during the last NATO summit he was already low-minded about the way Brexit is handled. The talk with Prime Minister May today was not a smashing success either. Anyway: the baby is flying and on social media they know how to handle it.