Transmeta helps AMD with Sledgehammer?

The Register is back with spectacular story. Because Microsoft would have refused to work with AMD’s slow x86-64 simulator, the processor baker would have enlisted the help of Transmeta. Secretly, they are said to be working with Microsoft to extend the codemorphing software that Transmeta has made to translate x86 to VLIW with the x86-64 features. Microsoft would thus get a development platform to make Windows Whistler compatible with AMD’s extension to the x86 architecture:

The deal probably originates in AMD’s cozying up to Transmeta earlier this year on the subject of power management, but specifically got going, we’re told, because the simulator AMD shipped Microsoft was a dud. The fact that Microsoft was shipped a simulator at all makes it clear the company intended to support AMD, but Microsoft’s refusal to work with the cripplingly slow code it got from AMD was the catalyst.

So what does AMD do? Call for super morpher. According to our sources, Transmeta modified the software to morph standard x86 to VLIW, along with all the Sledgehammer extensions and the differences from Pentium 3. Despite the presence of the Demon Torvalds on the Transmeta roster, you can see how this kind of approach might entrance Microsoft’s high command.

Tnx Maarten for the tip.