Toshiba provides thin business 13.3 "laptop with ethernet and vga connection

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Toshiba comes with new 13.3 “laptops in its commercial Portégé series, the Z30-E models weigh 1.2kg and are 18mm thin, but do have an ethernet port and a VGA connection. from Intel Kaby Lake-R-quadcores

Toshiba has put three models of the Portégé Z30-E on its website.Two variants have the Intel Core i5-8250U, 8GB ram and a 256GB-ssd There is a version with a full-HD screen and a variant with an HD screen, and there is also a version with a Core i7-8550U, 16GB ram and also a 256GB SSD All models can be expanded to a maximum 32GB ddr4.
The 13.3 “screens of the laptops are matte finished; which panel type has been applied, Toshiba does not report. Toshiba claims a battery life of eighteen hours in the Mobile Mark 2014 benchmark. The manufacturer does not mention the capacity of the battery on its website.
Consumer laptops in the 13.3 “segment are getting thinner and lose connections, such as USB ports, and network connections and VGA ports have not been used for years. found on such laptops, Toshiba handles both in its Portégé Z30-E.The VGA connector is still used in many business environments to connect projectors.
The network connection on the laptop is a gigabit variant and the Portégé Z30-E three usb-a ports at usb 3.0-speed and a fullsize-hdmi-connection.In the laptop is a Trusted Platform Module and optional a Smartcard or a fingerprint reader in the touchpad to add.Toshiba brings the laptops off in the second quarter of this year, suggested retail prices have not yet been announced.


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