Tim Cook hints that Apple won’t support RCS on iPhones

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Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted during an interview at Code Conference that Apple will not support RCS messaging standard on iPhones. The Apple CEO thinks that users do not want Apple to spend energy on that.

Rcs in Android Messages

Cook answered a question from a Code Conference attendee about how difficult it is now to send videos to a family member with an Android device via the Messages app, reports 9to5Mac. In the US, the use of chat apps like WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal is hardly established and many people use the default apps for exchanging messages on the phone.

The Apple CEO hinted that there will be no support for RCS in iPhones. “I don’t see our users asking us to put a lot of effort into this at this point. I’d rather convince you to use an iPhone.”

RCS is the successor to SMS with, among other things, the ability to exchange videos and have group conversations via the standard messaging app on the phone. It has been a great promise for years and Google has supported it in Android. Google started a campaign some time ago to convince Apple to support the standard.

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