Thrustmaster makes Boeing 787 Dreamliner yoke for Flight Simulator

Thrustmaster is going to release a flight controller based on the yoke of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The controller can be used in Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC and on Xbox Series X and S.

The set consists of a yoke, or the steering wheel, combined with a set of levers. The levers are interchangeable and can be expanded, writes FSElite. The site attended the FlightSimExpo, where Thrustmaster announced the first details of the new flight controller. An official and full unveiling of the TCA Boeing Yoke Pack will follow on November 9.

According to FSElite, it is a robust controller that consists entirely of metal on the inside. The controller is based on the yoke of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and should be ‘as close as possible’ to the feel of the original. Thrustmaster makes the controller under license from Boeing. A price has not yet been announced.

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