This way you learn how to use Google Assistant

Google Assistant is now available in the Netherlands and then also in our native language. Clearly speaking remains a thing, Limburgers have to adapt and in Fryslan they will also have to switch to ‘normal’ Dutch! Brabanders are lucky again because the soft ‘g’ does not seem to be a problem. Google Assistant listens and answers. However, Google Assistant learns quickly and daily with the help of ‘machine learning’ improvements and the personal PA becomes smarter and smarter.

It might be a bad idea to talk to your smartphone, but voice control is becoming increasingly popular, so why not start now? Android users can automatically use the Google Assistant, iOS users have to download the app themselves. A surprise is the arrival of this handy assistant because now there are a large number of companies that already use Google Assistant, in combination with a chatbot from the website of the relevant brand.

Does Google know more about you?

Google Assistant is useful and addictive, but may also be frightened off because the PA on your smartphone can do a lot of work for you. Maybe you think that Google now learns everything about you, but you can safely put that thought aside. Google gives no more than 1: 1 answers to questions you ask and learns at the most from unclear assignments, still anonymous. Furthermore, the technology uses existing links such as a Chromecast on your TV. The command “OK Google, play The 100 on my TV” causes your TV to be put out of sleep mode, Netflix is chosen to continue with the series at the point where you stopped watching.
Google has compiled a list of some Life Hacks to give your Google Assistant skills a boost. Test them yourself and then decide whether you want to use this friendly PA on your smartphone. Google Home owners (now in English) have to wait until the end of the year. Then the physical Google Assistant will become available in the Netherlands and existing devices will automatically be updated to the Dutch language.

1. Traveling

Google Assistant can help you plan your ideal trip or, for example, to find the cheapest tickets. You can also use this handy assistant as a travel guide to find nice places at your travel destination.
“OK Google, find the cheapest tickets to New York”
“OK Google, what are the nicest things to do in New York?”

2. At the airport

The biggest annoyance at an airport is when your flight is delayed. The Google Assistant can help you to make waiting a little more pleasant. Just ask for a riddle or something else. Because of this, your waiting time feels a bit shorter.
“OK Google, I want to do something nice”
“OK Google, give me a riddle”

3. During work

With the Google Assistant you can easily check your agenda, set a reminder and also check your e-mail. Or wait you were thinking of putting your alarm for tomorrow morning.
“OK Google, what’s in my agenda for tomorrow?”
“OK Google, make a reminder: appointment at eleven o’clock
” OK Google, check my mail “[19659012] “Ok Google, put an alarm clock by half past seven in the morning”

4. Two beers please

How do you order two beers in Spanish? Do not worry because the Google Assistant can also help you with Google Translate. She can also check if you do not pay too much on the local market.
“OK Google, how do you say two beers in Spanish?”
“OK Google, how much is one Swiss franc in euros?”
“OK Google, how much is 15% of 89? “

5. Making Selfie

Google Assistant can help you capture all your special moments. The magic is that you can ask to open the camera app and immediately make a selfie. And that if it has to be with just one simple question.
“OK Google, take a selfie!”

6. Playing games

What is more fun than playing games? With Google assistant, you can of course secretly look up all answers but whether that is very fair .. Well it is possible but you can also ask yourself a mystery.
“OK Google, give me a riddle”
“OK Google, who wrote the title song of Batman Forever?”
“OK Google, what was first: the chicken or the egg?”

7. At home on the couch

Once at home on the couch you all have a moment when you do not want to get up anymore. Too lazy to even take the remote. Sometimes a little help is quite nice to be able to completely relax. For this you need some gear like eg a Google Chromecast
“OK Google, play Coldplay on Google Play Music”
“OK Google, play the hundred on my TV”
“OK Google, enable Bluetooth”

8. Naughty

You know it for sure, after what wine you can get in a tumble mood. Can Google Assistant also be the best at home? You will notice one that she can be best conceived.
“OK Google, whisper dirty words”
“OK Google, what do I look like?”
“OK Google, who are your ancestors?”

9. Film quiz

Of course, you can also play your own movie quiz. It is a simple game that is always fun to do. If you do not know the answer, then, of course, there is the Google Assistant. Or maybe you know more. Even if you want to see a trailer you can, of course, ask for it.
“OK Google, who wrote the title song of Mission Impossible?”
OK Google, who played in Iron Man?”
“OK Google, open YouTube and let me know trailer of Batmen see ”
” OK Google, what are the best horror movies? “

10. Football

Google is your best friend when it comes to sports and knows everything about your favorite club. What is that name of that one player again at Barca? Google Assistant is looking for it for you.
“OK Google, what is the result of PSV against Ajax?”
“OK Google, what is the next game in the Champions League?”
“OK Google , who plays at Barcelona? “

Google Assistant for Apple users

Users of an Android device can activate the Google Assistant via their voice with “OK Google”. Unfortunately, this option is not available yet for iOS users. On an iPhone you first have to open the app to ask a question. That is clearly less convenient. Of course you can also type in all cases, but that does get the fun out a bit.

Google Assistant Actions

As we have already mentioned above, a large number of Dutch companies have developed applications that you can talk to them. You can start it with the command “OK Google talks to PostNL” or “OK Google talks to Transavia”. What happens afterwards you really have to experience for yourself. More Actions on Google and other inspiration for what you can do with the Google Assistant can be found on this website:
Discover your own fun or surprising things then let them know via the comments or via our social media.