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This new campaign makes migraine a main issue

The Migrainefonds, the Association of Dutch Headache Centers (VNHC), the Dutch Headache Association (NHV) and Women Inc., join forces as a ‘the Migraine Coalition’ with a new national campaign to assess the impact of migraine on the map. move.

The brain disease has an image problem due to incorrect prejudices, according to research by GfK. The aim of the campaign is to eliminate these prejudices with facts from the world. In the Netherlands, more than 2 million people have migraines.

Stress or pressure

The research shows that more than half of the Dutch people mistakenly believe that migraine is caused by stress or pressure. In addition, almost 80% of people do not know that migraine is a brain disease and 1 in 10 people think that migraines are the same as headaches.

The result is that the more than 2 million Dutch people who suffer from migraines are not (sufficiently) taken seriously. Not by themselves, not by their environment, not by employers and not even in care.


“We are proud of the campaign” Make migraine a main . “And we hope that together with KesselsKramer, Jalt, Snippet Media and others we will succeed again touch many Dutch people with our message and break the taboo around migraine, “says Christine Swart, Managing Director of WOMEN Inc.


For the creative implementation of the campaign, the Coalition Migraine turned to KesselsKramer. Together with artist Guda Koster, costumes were developed that symbolize the burden experienced by migraine sufferers. Instead of a block on the leg, it became a block at the head. The costumes play a leading role in photography and campaign film, which was directed by Johan Timmers.

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