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This is why Apple TV + does better than Disney +

In 2019, a true streaming battle erupted: in the fall, two major players entered the market, Disney and Apple. With Disney + and Apple TV + they compete with Netflix and associates. Apple seemed to be at the short end, but overall it does better than expected: according to the latest statistics, Apple TV + has more subscribers than Disney +.

Apple TV Plus beats Disney Plus

Disney + and Apple TV + have both achieved one place in the top five of the most popular streaming services in the United States. Apple is – after Netflix and Amazon – even in the top three and has nearly 10 million more viewers than Disney +. This is the complete top 5:

  1. Netflix – 61.3 million US subscribers
  2. Amazon Prime Video – 42.2 million US subscribers
  3. Apple TV Plus – 33.6 million US subscribers
  4. Hulu – 31.8 million US subscribers
  5. Disney Plus – 23.2 million US subscribers

Compare Apple’s with pears

Apple started in November with only a handful of series, Disney could throw in Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and a whole host of Disney classics. How has Apple managed to attract the most subscribers?

At the moment the figures are not really comparable. You get your Apple TV + subscription with a packet of butter when purchasing a new Apple product. Everyone who has bought a new iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac or Apple TV from mid-September will watch Apple TV + for free for 1 year. Millions of such devices have of course been sold, so that explains a few things. We will only know what the current state of affairs is about the end of this year, when the free annual subscriptions will expire.

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