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This is what the first smart watch from Oppo looks like – Launch possible on March 6

Oppo today released a photo of his first smartwatch. It was already known that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is working on a smartwatch, but it was not yet clear what it will look like.

The photo of Oppo’s first smartwatch was placed on the Chinese social network Weibo by a high-ranking employee of Oppo. Nothing is mentioned about the specifications yet, but as far as design is concerned, the photo leaves little to the imagination. What might have been somewhat expected is that the smartwatch is very similar to the Apple Watch.

There are two buttons on the side and a hole that may indicate a microphone. The display will show ‘Fri 06’, which could mean that the smartwatch will be launched on Friday 6 March. Oppo may, however, already unveil the watch at the Mobile World Congress in February.

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