THG organizes battle between two 250GB drives

Hard drives are getting bigger and bigger and at the moment several manufacturers have included drives with a capacity of 250GB in their range. Tom’s Hardware therefore placed a comparison between the Maxtor 7Y250P0 and the Western Digital WD2500JB. Both drives run at 7200rpm and have a cache of 8MB. The Maxtor hard disk can also be supplied with Serial ATA connection.

To test the speed of the drives, benchmarks are run in ZD WinBench 99, HD Tach 2.61, C’t h2benchw and Intel I/O meter. The results are compared with results from other hard disks. The two capacity monsters alternate as leaders in the various benchmarks. What is striking is that Western Digital’s drive uses almost three times more processing power than that of Maxtor. Because no game benchmarks have been run, it is difficult to say whether this really has an impact. The two hard drives cost about the same (in the US) but Western Digital’s drive comes in a retail package for that price, while Maxtor only supplies the drive:

If you assume that they will be offered at similar prices, then the Western Digital model will offer you better value for your money, due to its integrated IDE controller and the extensive set of accessories. However, Maxtor could turn this into its advantage, namely by offering the 7Y250P0 (without a controller) at a considerably lower price.