These weird deals determine the price of Fox Sports with your provider

The Eredivisie is starting again and that means that it is equally important how much you pay to be allowed to watch. Fox Sports is the channel that you need and did a short investigation into what you pay for this for the various TV providers. The differences are bigger than ever this year, says the site.

This is mainly due to the specific deals that providers such as Ziggo, KPN, T-Mobile and Tele2 have concluded with Fox Sports. If you just look at the prices Ziggo is the most expensive: you pay 18 euros per month for the three channels of Fox Sports. At KPN that costs only 7.50 euros and that price is virtually the same for all providers.

Do not watch, pay anyway?

Fox Sports is a lot more expensive at Ziggo because they do not want to pay for all their customers there. All other providers (except for one) do, which means that the non-football-looking subscribers indirectly subsidize football fans. Before you get angry if you do not like football: it does not mean that your subscription would be cheaper if that did not happen. Rather it will be the case that for KPN and the rest according to their own calculation it is cheaper to sell an amount for each subscriber than to chase away football fans with a higher price for Fox Sports. They assume that they get more subscribers if the football channels are cheaper than the (big) competitor and that makes the extra cost of paying per subscriber good. The price per subscriber will certainly be lower than with Ziggo.

The only person who does not want to participate in this is Tele2. Or yes, principle: their calculation may not be favorable. They say in any case that they refuse to let customers pay for something they do not want, and that means they did not get a deal with Fox Sports and no one can watch football through the provider. That is bales, because they undoubtedly lose people who want to see it.

Stunts with that price

The other side of the coin is that smaller parties try to deliver football as cheaply as possible to allow price-conscious people to step over. The best deal is apparently, because you get all three Eredivisie channels ‘free’ in your subscription, but with Youfone, T-Mobile and Delta you also get Eredivisie 1 in your package without paying. The differences in the TV packages are also as good as negligible, so if football is important to you, there is certainly some benefit to be gained.

Viewers who are at Ziggo do not necessarily have to be sad about this state of affairs, because they do have another advantage. They do get Ziggo Sport for nop in their package and can therefore without paying extra (costs normally 15 euros per month) enjoy the F1. Is also worth something, especially if you do not care enough about football to get that extra Eredivisie package or if you would have wanted to pay extra to take Ziggo Sport. Then at the end of the story it will cost as good as the same.


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