These small soft spin robots help with operations

Scientists at Harvard University have created a small soft robot spider that can help with tasks that larger robots can not perform, such as operations.

Soft robot spider

These soft robots are only a few centimeters in size. The robot uses elastic material that can move, change shape and is colored. The robot can move on a very small scale. The robot can move through water that flows through small vessels in the robot. The robot can therefore come in handy during operations, where it can ‘crawl’ in small cavities. The robot can move in twelve ways and also has six other transformations, such as color and structure. For example, the soft robot can move in veins.

The spider consists of twelve silicone layers with patterns on each layer and a type of computer chips. Then they used small lasers that concatenate the layers. If liquid passes through these circuits, the spider can expand. He can then move to another position or go back to the original form. Making the robot was a difficult task, because the layers of the spider are about as thin as a hair.

For the time being, the robot is not yet ready for this, but this method will expand this method.