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These fantastic underwater photos are rightly winning prizes

Photography is already an art, but underwater photography can not be left to anyone. In addition to the special items you need to make really beautiful underwater photos, not everyone is able to go so far underwater to get the very best shot of the intriguing underwater world.

Scuba Diving Magazine has been holding a competition for the most beautiful underwater photos for fourteen years and the winners have since been selected from more than 2,100 entries. The picture above has (rightly as far as we are concerned) won the overall competition. Photographer Rodney Bursie has taken a great moment here of a whale that just swims below the waterline and by turning that image around it seems like the whale is floating. Magnificent. Anyway, the other prize winners are not sick. Enjoy the photos and if you want to see more, go to the full series on the Scuba Diving Magazine website .

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