These Dutch comedians appear before the Netflix cameras

Netflix comes with a Stand-up series, in which comedians from different countries will make the world laugh. The Netherlands is also represented with three comedians. Rayen Panday, Soundos el Ahmadi and Martijn Koning will show their funniest side in the Netflix series.

Stand-up series Netflix

The series is a worldwide project that brings stand-up comedians together. Stand-up sessions of half an hour are filmed in thirteen countries. The series is expected to be broadcast in early 2019. Who are the three Dutch comedians who go international on Netflix?

Dutch comedians

Rayen Panday is a sympathetic comedian who is working hard on the road. He makes a wide audience laugh and performs both in the Netherlands and abroad. He can also be seen in Klikbeet, a humorous sketch program.

Soundos el Ahmadi is a storyteller with a good dose of self-mockery. Her direct opinion and stubbornness have brought her to name recognition in the comedy world. She was seen at The Roast by Giel Beelen and participated in Wie is de Mol and Expeditie Robinson.

The third comedian, Martijn de Koning, has a rich imagination. He was one of the Gabbers this year and often sat at the table with Jinek and RTL Late Night.

Show in Amsterdam

They will give their shows in the Amsterdam club Panama. On 31 August they will appear there for the Netflix cameras. The public is welcome and can order tickets . How will Dutch humor fall in other countries?