These are the new watch faces for your Apple Watch

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WatchOS 7 is coming out tonight, which means that new watch faces are coming to your Apple Watch. And there are more than initially thought! During yesterday’s Time Flies event, Apple unveiled a few more new Apple Watch watch faces at the last minute.

watchOS 7 watch faces

Apple released a short video yesterday showing some of the new watchOS 7 watch faces at a glance. Some of them were in previous test versions, others are completely new. The following dials were discussed in succession:

  • GMT: This watch face shows the time in different time zones at a glance.
  • Count Up: Tap the bezel and your watch will measure the time that elapses.
  • Chronograph Pro: it has a tachymeter. It calculates your speed based on the time it takes to travel a certain distance.
  • Typograph: shows the numbers in different styles and scripts.
  • Artist: Apple teamed up with artist Jeff McFetridge for a watch face with different faces.
  • Memoji: The Memoji now also come to your Watch – they move when you touch the watch.
  • Stripes face: a striped dial, where you determine the colors and the number of stripes.

watchOS 7

You can use these watch faces on the Apple Watch Series 4, 5 and 6 and on the new Apple Watch SE. WatchOS 7 comes out tonight, with better sleep analytics, new workouts, and the ability to share watch faces.

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