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These are the biggest annoyances on the public road

In the car, other road users are regularly a major source of frustration and irritation, according to research by Allsecur. From bumper livers to slow riders. From smartphone users to people who choose to pick up the car for them at the very last minute. And from speed devils to unnecessary leftists. We sometimes get annoyed green and yellow behind the wheel. The biggest annoyance? Half (53%) of all Dutch people are most annoyed by motorists who are busy with their smartphone followed by tailgating (46%).

Smartphone use in traffic

Despite the many campaigns the high fines, and the fact that it just is not justified, there are still many people who use their smartphone behind the wheel. This has now become one of the biggest irritations in traffic.

Women (59%) are more often annoyed than men (46%) in the smart phone use of their fellow road users behind the wheel. In 2015, this annoyance was still in eighth place and was mentioned by 13 percent of Dutch motorists as one of the biggest annoyances in traffic. Last year that was already a second position with 49 percent and now this is the number one annoyance.

Of course that has everything to do with the increased number of smartphones in the Netherlands. And who still goes from home without a telephone? Exactly, no one at all.

Perhaps these new cameras from the police could reduce their use?

Top 6 annoyances in traffic

What annoyances in traffic are mentioned more besides smartphone use? This is the top six:

  1. Smartphone use (53%)
  2. Bumper livers (46%)
  3. Left-handers (26%)
  4. Motorists throwing waste from the window (25%)
  5. Speed ​​devils (23%)
  6. Slow rijders (19%)

Where do you bother or annoy yourself? And is that something that you yourself do not do in traffic.

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