These are the Amazon Prime Day 2018 deals

Amazon Prime Day is finally here and from now on members of Amazon Prime can score all sorts of treats on more than one million articles. Not everything is exciting, of course, so we have highlighted the best deals for you that can be found on for us Dutch. If you are interested but not a Prime member yet, you can still do that. It does not cost much at first and shipping to the Netherlands is completely free, so that makes a difference.

Echoes on sale

If you think about Amazon, you might also think about the Echo. If you always wanted to have Alexa in your house, this is your chance, because the Echoes are a lot cheaper than they normally are. There are three flavors available for Dutch consumers: the small Echo Dot, the ‘regular’ Echo with speaker and the larger Echo Plus. This saves you:

  • Echo Dot – 35 euro (was 60)
  • Echo – 65 euro (was 100)
  • Echo Plus – 100 euro (was 150)

That means the small Dots (suitable to just anywhere to have and to receive commands) the hardest are discounted. For example, for 100 euros you have three of those things and then you are provided in most homes.

Smart home in the spotlight

There is a lot of smart home stuff on offer on Prima Day. It is striking that almost all robot vacuum cleaners are on sale. Roomba’s, Ecovacs, iLife, AEG and other brands have a lot of models on offer and the discounts are really true here. If you were about to purchase such a thing, it is worth it, because the discounts go from 20 to 50 percent in some cases. But also the smart doorbell Ring 2 with Alexa intercom function has a 30 percent discount and therefore you only pay 140 euros instead of 200. A number of Mesh network products such as the Orbi are 30 percent less. Unfortunately there are also a lot of manufacturers that do not play: Philips Hue lamps, for example, have a euro or two discount, so that’s not worth it. The combinations with Echo products are only intended for Germany and Austria, unfortunately.

20 percent on all clothing

Whether you’re looking for a pair of Nikes, a Super Mario t-shirt, a new bag or some nice lingerie, it’s on sale. By default, Prime Percent has 20 per cent on everything, but some things are even more heavily discounted. The chance that you are going to encounter something is more than there, but it is so much that designing specific deals can not be done. Just search for what you want!

Cheap gaming?

If you were still waiting to buy a Playstation 4, this might be a good time. Normally you pay for a bare model with 500GB hard drive 290 euros, but now you can get twenty euros less a PS4 with two controllers and FIFA 18. That also has a double-sized hard drive. Sony is unfortunately the only one that does cheaply, because there is nothing to get for both the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One. In terms of games it is not much different, because there are only a few PS4 titles that are on offer. God of War costs only 30 euros and Gran Turismo Sport only 19 euros and that was it.

Telephones and tablets

There are a lot of tablets and phones on offer, but then it is usually not about the top models. If you were still looking for a OnePlus 5T you can now get it with a 100 euro discount, the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S8 costs only 420 euros. Apple does not participate, of course, but otherwise there are not many smartphones that really stand out. With tablets, it is more difficult: the Amazon Fire tablets are very cheap but we can not buy them and further there is not much except a stray Asus tablet.

Rent movies for 2 euros

If you are a Prime member you also have Amazon Prime Video and that means you can also rent movies. Only today you can also rent all kinds of new films for just two euros, so if you still wanted to watch The Shape of Water, Three Billboards, Disaster Artist or Call me by your Name tonight, your chance is yours.

Toys (buy)

If you need some toys this is also a moment to strike. Not everything is on offer, but on LEGO and Barbie, for example, you get between 30 and 40 percent discount on selected products. There are also a lot of board games are cheap, although you have to be careful that you do not get the German version. Especially pay attention so, but that is true for everything in this list.

“Can not be delivered in the Netherlands”

There is also something to complain about this discount day, because although there are quite a lot of very nice deals, a lot of them are not sent to the Netherlands. Irritatingly enough, it is also true that a whole number of products when you go to the discount page to show that they are not shipped to the Netherlands, but that some things (such as the Kindle Paper Whites) can be obtained, albeit with less discount. Then you have to search for the specific product and then try to find out which version can go to the Netherlands. That there is no possibility to put a filter on things that can not go to the Netherlands is very annoying.

It is difficult to find anything on Amazon anyway, because the search function often leads you to all kinds of pages where you do not want to be. Here too a filter had been nice: just show everything, but then only the offers. Now you often come when you click on something from a product where you can get a substantial discount, but that can not go to the Netherlands. The Amazon interface is old-fashioned, awkward and works against you more than it helps. It is certainly worth looking at the discounts, but then you have to know what you are looking for. If you just try to find something fun, then it becomes a frustrating task in the next 36 hours.