ThermalTake Dragon Orb 3 review

At Overclocker Cafe there is a review Released from Thermaltake’s new Orb: the Dragon Orb 3. Unlike its older relatives, this cooler consists of two separate parts. Namely a heatsink with a large copper bottom and a separate 7000rpm fan with shroud. This fan is also compatible with older Orb’s such as the mini copper orb and will also be available separately for people who want to upgrade their old Orb. The performance of the Dragon Orb is very good. Under load it manages to keep the CPU 6 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the Thermoengine and two degrees cooler than the Swiftech MC-370. Nice results, which logically leads to a positive conclusion:

Is Thermaltake’s Dragon the top dawg? You can bet your ass it is. Did it utterly desimate the competition or rather edge it out? As you can see it just edged out the Swiftech. Thermaltake has a winner with the Dragon heatsink; super cool looks, great clip, fantastic performance. For everyone not willing to drop $80 down for a MC-462 but still wanting stellar performance the Dragon or the Swiftech is the ticket. There is one big difference between these two. Both sinks are aimed squarely at the high end and overclockers looking to push the limits of their machines. If you are an air-cooled kind of guy (or gal), no doubt, pick up the Tt Dragon. However, the screw type fasteners on the Swiftech are designed for Peltier use if you go that route. With the Dragon, you are back to the wire extender clips. Not something that makes me feel real good myself. But to give you a direct short answer about how I feel about this sink, this cooler will be in my personal box from this point forward.

Thanks to eve for the tip!