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There is a shortage of cameras’s with low resolutions due to cheap smartphones

Cheap smartphones with multiple cameras lead to shortages of cameras with low resolutions, as claimed by various Chinese media. As a result, prices for those components are currently rising. It is unknown what the consequences will be.

These concerns cameras with a maximum of five megapixels. With cheaper smartphones, these are often used as a camera with an ultra-wide-angle lens or depth sensor. Manufacturer Galaxycore makes around one hundred million a month, but that is not enough, writes Laoyaoba. Also, Sohu and TWGreatDaily mention the deficits. The sites report that in addition to cheap smartphones, the trade conflict between Japan and South Korea is at the root of the deficits. As a result, the introduction of raw materials for the camera modules is probably more difficult.

Manufacturers will have to pay more per camera for the time being. The price has gone up from around 30 cents to 43 cents for a 2-megapixel camera and from 50 cents to 73 cents for a 5-megapixel camera. It is unknown what happens if camera suppliers cannot make enough, but it is obvious that smartphone makers will then place fewer cameras on new models or that models will become less readily available.

In recent years, more and more models of smartphones in more and more price ranges have been given a set-up with two or more cameras. Smartphones use the depth sensor for taking portrait photos with a blurred background.

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