The Twitter verification check is making a comeback

It was not possible to get yourself “verified” on Twitter for a long time. The social medium had consciously closed the possibility. You did see the check marks of people who had already verified themselves, but it was temporarily not an option to give yourself that status – and the coveted icon. This is about to change: next year the white check mark in the blue vignette will simply be back.

Twitter verification check

Sounds pretty good in this day and age that something is going back to the way it was. Twitter thinks it was nice with the difficulties surrounding the verification check. It then decided to create an entirely new verification process. That means that the checkmark will come back, but with a completely different list of rules that you must adhere to.

The blue badge will return in early 2021 and Twitter will come up with a new policy on how to get verified. That is not possible just like that. If you are a private Twitterer, you can forget about it anyway, unless you are seen as a “person with influence”. Furthermore, accounts are eligible for the badge that are, for example, from the government or from a specific company or brand. In many cases, athletes, activists and news media can also apply to be successfully verified. Among other things, you need to make sure you’ve ever been mentioned in an online media article if you want that check mark.

Social media rules

The rules are not only going to change when it comes to how you get the checkmark, but also how the checkmark can be taken away from you. Twitter wants to do this, among other things, if users change their name or bio to catfish others. Of course it doesn’t help if you violate the general rules of Twitter, because even then you can say goodbye to your ‘star status’.

The social medium has also announced that there will be more ways to identify yourself on Twitter in 2021. For example, you can create new labels to better describe yourself in your profile, for example. Twitter is not very clear about exactly how that works. However, it promises to make that clear in the coming weeks.