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The Sinner season two to be seen from 9 November

Fans of the first season of the Sinner (including Jessica Biel and Bill Pulman) will soon be spoiled for a second season of this exciting Netflix series. In Sinner you became acquainted with Cora Tannetti, a young mother who derailed for unclear reasons and commits a number of violent murders. She has no idea why she did this. In the Sinner everything revolves around the question ‘why’. Detective Harry Ambrose wants to come at any cost behind the motive of this confused woman. Voltage until the last minute is this scary series.

Although the second Season of the Sinner is not really a sequel to the first season, we recommend that you look at the first series to better understand the stories.

According to Netflix the manner of production appears on series such as The Missing and Fargo in which one main character returns, whether or not in the future or the past. In the second season of The Sinner we see again Detective Harry Ambrose who goes back to his birthplace near New York, where a murder of two people was committed with of course the great question “why-dunnit”.

According to the official synopsis, everything revolves around an 11-year-old boy who seems to have killed his parents. To Harry Ambrose to assess this disturbing and heartbreaking crime. Ambrose realizes that there is nothing special about the boy. The research brings him to the hidden darkness of his hometown. And then there is also a mysterious woman who turns out to be a complicated, enigmatic puzzle piece of this murder. One thing is certain, the tension will be cut again.

The Sinner Season 2 expected from 9 November

What is special is that it was Jessica Biel (executive producer) who brought out the first images via her Twitter account. Whether that means that she actually returns in the series is unclear. The Sinner season 2 now runs in America and ends today (September 19). The new 8-part series is expected somewhere around 9 November in Europe (Somewhat the same broadcast schedule as in the first season).

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