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The schoolwork app from Apple is now also available for teachers

Millions of teachers worldwide choose the iPad as the best tool to provide tailor-made education and to stimulate student creativity.

With the free app Schoolwork, available since this week, teachers are made easy to create assignments, one-on-one with students to work together, the power of apps for education to fully exploit and the to view and analyze students’ results
With the app Schoolwork and the Classroom app teachers have a powerful tool to improve education. This means both teachers and students get more out of the technology they use every day in the classroom.

Schoolwork app

With the completely new Schoolwerk app, teachers get the most out of the power and creativity that iPad offers to students to make education experience in new ways. Schoolwork makes it easy to create and send announcements or homework, with all kinds of material: web links, pdf, documents and even links to activities in apps.
For students, Schoolwerk comes in handy to keep track of their work, to see what they have to do and to check when they have to hand in something.

Schoolwork allows students to keep track of their homework.

Popular education apps

Teachers can easily send students to a specific activity in an app with Schoolwork. This way they can assign students an assignment or lesson directly. Popular educational apps such as Explain Everything, Tynker, GeoGebra and Kahoot! work directly with Schoolwork and offer teachers valuable educational material and useful tools for use with iPad.

Popular educational apps like Kahoot! work together with Schoolwork and enrich education.

Performance of students

With Schoolwork and the accompanying support apps, teachers gain more insight into the performance of their pupils and can tailor their teaching programs to the capacities of each student .
They always have insight into the performance of the class and in the progress of individual students per subject, both within apps and within certain projects.

Schoolwork allows teachers to check student progress and tailor their curriculums to individual students

Classroom app

Schoolwork collaborates with the app Classroom and turns iPad (and now Mac) into a versatile teaching assistant that enables teachers to control all technology in the classroom. With Classroom for iPad, teachers help their pupils to concentrate on an app or website. With this app, teachers can view student screens, share documents with the class, assign shared iPads, and even reset a student’s password.


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