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The rumors around the new iPhones are already well under way

The rumors about the new iPhones in September are starting to get underway again and this year they are surprising: after Apple released the most expensive iPhone ever last year with the iPhone X, they look like this year for the budget customers to take out. Several sources from the analyst and journalist camp seem to agree that an iPhone will be launched at the end of this year that will not be more expensive than 550-650 dollars.

Do you also get a stripped-down model for that? By no means, the sources say. According to everything, the smartphone would also just get a borderless screen and also face recognition via the secure Face ID would be on the feature list. But how does Apple do that so cheaply? That is not entirely clear, but it is true that the phone will get an LCD screen instead of the (expensive) OLED screen that is in the iPhone X.

That could have something to do with the OLED trubbles that Apple seems to have. They had turned to LG to make screens, but they did not get the numbers Apple needed so Apple ( again ) had to go to Samsung for OLED screens. That’s a big advantage because Samsung is the only one that can deliver a bit as Apple wants, they can not negotiate the price.

Dual SIM card

The new iPhone would get a 6.1-inch screen, which is larger than what the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 Plus now have. There would also be a version with two SIM cards, something that is very popular in Asia. That model will, of course, become more expensive. The rumors also say this model gets the new Apple chip, but in the context of affordability, it would be more logical if the A11 (which also in the current 8 and X) chip comes in. Is also nothing wrong with that, because it is still more than adequate for 95 percent of the users.

The camera will probably also be somewhat undressed, in the sense that you will not get a double lens for that money. Of course there must also be some features left over for the other new iPhones, including perhaps a new version of the X (as opposed to previous messages) and a very large version with a 6.5 inch OLED screen. That is a screen that is slightly larger than the iPhone 8/7/6 / Plus in total! As you would expect, you may pay the main prize for it, so it will be even more expensive than the current iPhone X.

iPhone SE?

Before the end of September, a lot can happen and even at Apple the plans change, but the stories so far are all in the same line. That means that all this information might well provide a good insight into what we can expect from Apple in September. Before then, a new version of the iPhone SE will come out, if it is not the case that the upcoming cheap phone is not the one that the rumors are talking about.

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