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The network of the future tested by VodafoneZiggo

VodafoneZiggo has the ambition to switch from Netherlands to a renewed network that is ready for Gigabit speeds of more than 1,000 Mbit / s. With an investment in its mobile, fiber optic and coax networks, the company is able to accommodate the explosive growth in bandwidth and speed in the coming years.

The Utrecht district Oog in Al has the scoop. In total there are 20 households and companies that can try out the super fast internet via cable in the coming months.

Network of the future

We are already building the network of the future today, ” says Eben Albertyn, Technical Director of VodafoneZiggo. “ Because the technological developments are going fast and offer countless new, smart possibilities that will enrich our lives, which requires a lot of our networks in terms of capacity, speed and reliability.” And that is exactly what we are showing in this pilot in Utrecht where we increase the speed to 1 Gbit / s.

Giga speeds by Docsis 3.1

The pilot with the new cable network is based on Docsis 3.1, a technology that runs via the existing TV cable and can offer much more network capacity than the current standard. Ultimately, internet speeds can increase to 5 Gigabit per second for download and 1 Gbit / s for uploading. The connection is also more stable, safer and the latency (the time that the network needs to respond when data is requested) is shorter.

Mobile and fixed

VodafoneZiggo wants to make its mobile and fixed connections even closer together. Customers will then hardly notice that their devices switch between fixed, Wi-Fi or mobile internet. This requires a stable, smart and high-quality network with far more network capacity and faster internet connections. For this network of the future, the company is developing various pilots and joint ventures on its fixed and mobile networks.

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