The Last of Us Part II gets 60fps update for PlayStation 5

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Naughty Dog comes with a 60fps update for The Last of Us Part II. That let the developer know on the PlayStation website. The option for a higher frame rate will be added in the game’s version 1.08 update, rolling out on Wednesday.

Gamers can choose to play The Last of Us Part II in 30fps or 60fps on a PlayStation 5 after the update, developer Naughty Dog announced in a blog post. This allows users to “choose their preferred framerate,” the developer reports. “That complements the rest of the improvements that make up the backwards compatibility of PS4 games on the PS5, such as improved resolution, faster loading times and more. “

Naughty Dog is also publishing a trailer for the new update, calling the performance patch “just the first step of working with the PlayStation 5.” “Since its release last year, the team has delved into PS5 hardware and the possibilities it brings, and we’re excited about what’s next.”

PS4 games will more often receive 60fps updates for the PlayStation 5. In addition to The Last of Us Part II, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War and Days Gone also received such a performance patch. This is why a 60fps update for The Last of Us Part II has been expected for some time, although Naughty Dog and Sony have not mentioned such an update before. The game was released last year and already received a major update in August, which included a new difficulty setting and a permadeathmode to the game.

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