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The hydrogen car at TU Delft is running record time

Dutch students at the Technical Universities go well with cars. The solar team from Delft has so far often won the first place with the sustainable solar car. They can also do something with hydrogen cars . Yesterday evening they drove a record time.

Hydrogen car Forze VIII

The old record was from 2015 and stood at 2: 04’51. Monday evening the car set a time of 1: 56’97. At first it was still uncertain whether the record attempt could continue anyway, due to technical problems. We still managed to solve the problems, because a little later the new record time was established.

Coming Sunday, the racing car can be seen in the Supercar Challenge at the TT Circuit Assen during the Gamma Racing Day. Here the car is the only hydrogen car between petrol cars. The goal is winning with the Forze VIII. The new record time promises a lot of good!

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