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The Google Brain Team will investigate AI in Amsterdam

The Google Brain Team is Google’s research team working on AI. It is a very free team, where researchers can draw up their own research agenda and run a variety of projects as a team. There are already a number of offices in the world where teams are active, but the Netherlands did not belong there. Not yet, in any case. Nal Kalchbrenner, one of the researchers of the team, announced on Twitter that there will be a branch in Amsterdam. There they will “focus further on the challenges at the core of artificial intelligence .”

Just sit with the rest

There will not be a separate office for the Google Brain employees. They will simply withdraw to the rest of Google at the office on the Zuidas. Google says through a spokesman that the decision to sit somewhere with Google Brain depends on the number of talented people who already live in the neighborhood or want to move to a specific place. Amsterdam is now probably a lot more attractive than London, for example.

Google throws more and more manpower against AI research, because it is an important development for the search giant. CEO Sundar Pichai called the development of AI even more important than fire and electricity last year. That may go a bit far, but no matter how important it may be, Google will at least try to be at the forefront of development.

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