The foundation behind LibreOffice raised more than 900,000 euros in 2019

The Document Foundation, the foundation behind the LibreOffice software, had total revenues of € 906,470.14 in 2019. This amount came almost entirely from donations. After deduction of costs, EUR 235,989.94 remained in result.

The bulk of The Document Foundation’s income came in via PayPal, namely 68 percent. Then donations via credit cards follow, with 25 percent. In total, donations accounted for 99 percent of the foundation’s income. AB Member Fees accounted for 1 percent, presumably the foundation is referring to members of the Advisory Board. The income of The Document Foundation is increasing every year, in 2018 it was EUR 855,847.75, a year earlier it was EUR 743,111.20.

In 2019, the total costs of the foundation were € 679,080.59. The largest part was spent on costs for employees and freelancers, namely 467,621.28 euros, or 62 percent of the expenditure. Events and expenses to the community accounted for 7 percent of the expenditure. For example, the foundation organized three conferences in 2019, in Spain, Tokyo and Paraguay. The organization also supported developers in organizing and attending multiple HackFests. With the operating result for 2019, The Document Foundation now has EUR 539,659.24 in reserve resources.