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the first VR and AR park in Europe

In Belgium, the first Virtual Park in Europe opens its doors this summer. On this E-Sports spot you will find the last VR games. The seven largest attractions in the park have now been announced. These are they:

1. Arena 42

This is the main attraction of the park, the largest E-sports zone in Europe. In the arena, two teams of four players compete against each other to conquer the planet Mars. Every physical exercise is followed. Armed with HP Z VR, a striker VR rifle and audio video Oculus eyewear, the two teams try to beat each other.

2. Team 51

In this game, a team of four to six players tries to help a friendly spaceship that is in trouble in space. With VR glasses, VR weapon and vests with full body tracking technology, the rescue teams work together to ward off the invasion of extraterrestrials and discover what happened to the crew.

3. Robot Ring

The robots compete against each other to win the Virtual Park League. The robots are technical gems from Japan and they are equipped with impact sensors and an app with Augmented Reality. They can be controlled quickly for everyone.

4. The Playground

The Playground is equipped with LÜ-technology, an interactive playground with various activities.

5. V-Race

Get in the skin of a motorcyclist, in the future! Motorcyclists race for the first place. The race gives a serious adrenalin kick.

6. VR box

The VR box consists of ten individual cabins. Here people can get acquainted with all kinds of VR games and other applications. With virtual reality glasses you imagine yourself in special worlds.

7. VP theater

Dark rooms become real gaming rooms. Everywhere there are cameras that recognize gestures, sounds and colors. Everyone is transformed into a character in the game, which is projected onto large screens.

The virtual park in Mouscron opens this summer. The costs for the amusement park are 8.50 euros per hour. For 55 euros you can have fun all day in the park.

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