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The EU would like to know if we still want summer time

It is a bit snowed under in the whole “shall we destroy the internet or not?” – yesterday’s discussion, but the European Commission also had another important point. So important, that after years of going back and forth and finally voting last December about abolishing it, they will only ask the European citizens. The question is simple:

“Do you want summer time to go away?”

There are several answers to come up with, but the only correct one is actually “JAAAAAAAAA !!!!!! 111”. If you are also of the opinion (or even if you are wrong and want the summer time to continue) you can fill in the questionnaire of the EU (in Dutch, preferably in English) ) and your contribution to the abolition of that old-fashioned tradition that does more harm than good .

Difficult debate

It is apparently an issue that plays a lot, because at the moment of writing the servers on which the questionnaire is based are already being melted. That will be the Finns, because they are also the ones who last year started the discussion with more than 70,000 signatures of citizens to put the abolition of summer time (or winter time, if you want) on the agenda. The further to the North you are, the less summer time makes up, so it makes sense that they do not see it at all.

In the Netherlands, the opinion is somewhat more diverse. There is actually a lack of firm proof on both sides about what summer time has for good or bad impact on people and the economy. It seems more a matter of custom, because the original reasons for holding summer time are no longer necessary. I would know: away with it, but then like to keep the winter time. That extra light in that period is definitely worth it, as I like to give up the summer effects. What you?

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