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The EU needs a science institute for AI

Europe has a problem. A problem with artificial intelligence, to be precise. The ‘Brain Drain’ of talented researchers from Europe (including the Netherlands, according to the NOS ) in the direction of the US, China and other countries that are investing heavily in technology will ensure in the longer term that we to become a kind of backwardness, experts say.

That’s why they are now lobbying for a high-quality scientific institute. That should be given the name CLAIRE: Confederation of Laborations for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe. This should ensure that artificial intelligence is again investigated on a large (er) scale and that the talents remain within Europe. It is a logical conclusion: if later a large part of society uses artificial intelligence then you do not want to be dependent on the US or China to deliver it.

dealing responsibly with AI

The reasons for this have been made clear by all the scandals that have arisen with technology from both countries: the loss of data, the unsolicited monitoring and sometimes straightforward checking of users, the list continues to grow. The responsible use of data as we find it important in Europe is not at the top of the agenda in other countries.

What makes it difficult is that AI is such a young field that nobody can say with certainty where it is going. That it is important for our future, that is clear: in the case of self-driving cars and automating jobs that are not interesting but have to be done, AI will play an extremely important role, and then you can not afford to not participate at all.

With the institute the scientists hope to ensure that smart Europeans can also do their research here, so that more talent remains, that talent can also train new people and thus the negative spiral where box now seems to have come to the right to break.

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