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The charming robot Kuri has been canceled by Bosch

Robot Kuri is no longer. This robot for home will no longer be produced. Customers who have already ordered the robot will be refunded. Where did it go wrong?

Robot Kuri

The design company of Kuri, Mayfield Robotics, puts the blame in the shoes of Bosch. There would be no business click where Bosch supports the company and encourages growth.

Kuri can play with children, follow voice commands and make videos and photos. Due to sensors, the robot does not hit obstacles and does not fall off the stairs. Through facial recognition, Kuri can capture unexpected moments. Kuri is charming, because when he is touched he looks at this person and then makes a satisfied sound. Kuri was presented in 2017. Later a number of Kuris went to customers in the US.

Home robots a success?

Several companies are developing home robots. Yet they are often limited in what they can and there is a hefty price tag. Companies are in the way of each other’s competitors to robots that meet people’s expectations. The latter seems to be a big challenge.

People will especially need robots that can provide practical help and that are not too complicated to ‘use’. A robot that cleans the house, for example.

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