Tesla Model 3 gets software update to increase safety

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that the Model 3 will receive a software update to help drivers in the event of a crash. An update should ensure that the glove compartment opens automatically in the event of a crash.

That decision was made after a Model 3 crash hit the headlines. Although the driver got away relatively well and there was nothing wrong with the safety of the car in general, the driver did notice that the glove compartment could not be opened after the crash. Musk therefore left know on Twitter to be working on a software update that will automatically open the glove compartment after a crash. This allows the driver to access aids to get out of the car if necessary.

In addition, Tesla will also look at the screen in the Model 3. That broke in the crash, and Musk says it is looking at adding some kind of screen protector. This should prevent the screen from breaking and the driver getting hurt by shards.

Tesla is also busy ramping up production of its Model 3. The company still has many cars to deliver to customers who have pre-ordered. However, problems have caused Tesla to lag behind planned production.

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