Tesla Introduces Electric Quad Bike With Cybertruck Design For Kids

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Tesla has introduced an electric quad for kids. The vehicle can travel 24 kilometers, has a top speed of 16 kilometers per hour and has three driving modes. The Cyberquad for Kids costs $1900 and is currently only available in the United States.

Tesla’s American website states that the electric quad has a steel frame, adjustable suspension, a brake disc on the axle of the two rear wheels and LED lights at the rear. The seating area is softened with cushion filling.

With the exchangeable lithium-ion battery of 288Wh at 36V, the Cyberquad for Kids can drive 24 kilometers, according to Tesla. The company states that the driving range may vary depending on the weight of the user, the terrain being ridden and the speed being used. Charging the battery fully takes about five hours, according to Tesla.

The quad has three riding modes. In the first mode, the top speed is eight kilometers per hour. In the second driving mode, that is sixteen kilometers per hour. These driving modes can be set via a button at the rear of the vehicle. Reversing in reverse is possible at eight kilometers per hour.

Currently, the Cyberquad for Kids is only available in the United States through the Tesla website for $1900. Deliveries will start in two to four weeks.

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