Telegram adds profile videos and allows users to send files of 2GB

Chatapp Telegram has released an update that allows users to select a video as the profile image. In chats, a single frame from the video is displayed statically. Furthermore, users can now send files of 2GB; the limit was 1.5GB.

When uploading a profile video, users must also choose the frame they want to show in overviews. The moving videos can be seen when users click on a profile. During upload, users can customize the movie with Telegram’s built-in media editor. After the update, that software also has a function to make the skin softer, if the front camera is used.

Furthermore, Telegram has adapted the ‘People close’ function. It now shows the distance to other Telegram users using the function. A function has also been added to filter new chats from people who are not in the contact list by default. That feature is called ‘archive and mute new chats’ and is in the Privacy and Security menu. Users will not see new chats from strangers then appear on the main Telegram page, but they can be found in the Archive.

Telegram also adds detailed statistics for groups with more than 500 members. The chat app shows, among other things, who the most active members are and provides details such as the average length of messages. The number of members required to get Channel Stats has been reduced to 500. In the future, Telegram wants to make group statistics available to admins of groups with a hundred or more users.

Finally, Telegram announces that users can now transfer files of up to 2GB among themselves. That limit was 1.5GB. The Telegram update is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.