Teardown shows inside unannounced PlayStation 4 ‘smart’

A video shows how the not yet officially announced smaller version of the Sony PlayStation 4 is taken apart. The video shows how Sony has eliminated the components and also shows that the console has a smaller chip.

The teardown video was posted to YouTube by Links-Tech, Kotaku found. A second part takes a closer look at the motherboard. This shows that the pcb of the new PS4 is a lot smaller than that of the original PlayStation 4. It can also be seen that the chip is smaller than on the current console.

The smaller PlayStation will most likely contain a 16nm chip, just like the Xbox One S from Microsoft, while the PS4 still has a 28nm soc. The small PlayStation 4 must therefore be more economical. In terms of performance, there are expected to be no differences.

Sony supplies a new controller, which can display light in different colors at the top, which is only possible at the rear with the current controller. The buttons and dimensions of the controller are unchanged.

A slow version of twenty minutes can be viewed via this link

In August, some people already managed to get their hands on the new console, although Sony hasn’t announced it yet. As a result, reviews of the small PlayStation 4 have already appeared on the internet. It is not yet clear what the new model will be called; the console is often called ‘PS 4 Slim’, but that name is not on the box.

Sony will probably announce the compact PS4 successor on Wednesday evening around 9 p.m. Sony will then hold a PlayStation Meeting, where the PlayStation ‘4.5’ or ‘Neo’ may also be unveiled. That console gets faster hardware than the current model and the small variant.